Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I had fun decorating eggs at my friend's house. The toilet paper there only serves to hold the penguin that way. Happy Easter! or also known as zombie jesus day for others.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No, you cannot take her

Fear thee not! For I have come back from my grave.....Actually what I meant was that I am finally back on my blog after spending a whole month without internet. And when I finally got it back I've been surfing online like there's no tomorrow. I don't know how I did it, it has been the longest I have gone without Internet. It is crazy how dependable I am on technology and the virtual world. I mean, of course, I need it to talk to my parents, search and apply for jobs online and catch up with the world.

Anyways, there have been a few events that have caught my attention lately and I am increasingly concerned. There have been many attacks on women in and around campus these past couple weeks. One of them was about a lesbian woman who got assaulted by the washroom near a pub on campus because of her sexual orientation. Then there is a woman who was told to be driven back to her place when a man actually drove her to some other house near campus and raped her after she attempted to escape. And the most shocking of all, is a woman who was found dead after a struggle in her apartment in the Village. The death of a Chinese girl has disturbed especially the student community. The criminal offenses in and around campus have been very frequent, but with the death of the girl, seems like the situation is getting out of hands. My question is How many more crimes until the campus security does something to help prevent these type of crimes??

Sure, crimes happen everywhere and some are inevitable. But I blame on campus security. And perhaps maybe the overtrust of women in men. There seems to be thousands of parking enforcement cars in the daytime around the Village (of course, to see how much money they can get from students who can't afford parking permits). But once the sun sets, the streets become ghost haunted by the sounds of drunken party boys, laughs of drunken girls and the silence of predators. The campus security get paid to patroll around campus every night. Yet, when a girl requests some foot patrols or the GoSave van, the campus security officers look back at the girl as if she asked them to walk her to Halloweenville. The excuse from them is that the Village is not part of campus and that the houses are privately owned. So they are limited to walk students up to a certain point, the line where it draws the division between campus and the Village. But what they neglect to take into account is that the Village is being habited by students by around 90%. And with so many robberies, assaults, sexual assaults, and until recently a death, the Village has officially become the most dangerous place to live in Toronto for students.

But I also blame women for having an overtrust in men. Opening the door to someone at 1am and getting into a car with a stranger while you are alone are not the cleverest thing to do for a girl. We are taught since we are young not to trust strangers and we need to be alert especially in the hours of the night. I urge women to stand up on their feet, be alert, be prepared for an event like this, and always question strangers' interest. We women need to know that above all, we need to protect ourselves first. So taking a self defense class is important. We need to prove that we are not the weaker gender and we can be strong too.

I also blame idiotic men who have lost their minds and don't know a thing about respect and can't control their strenghts, emotions and hormones. Obviously they need to be taught a thing or two about being a respectful man. They should be severely punished by the law and emotionally.

UPDATE: York University has announced that they are going to increase campus security by sending undercovered officers and officers in bikes on campus and around the Village. I can't believe it takes a death of a girl to make York realize they needed to increase security especially in the Village.