Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wearing many hats

Maybe it's the Gemini in me, but the phase I had when I wanted to be everything has been coming back again. I mean, career-wise.

Back in 12th grade, just before University, my friend who happens to be the library lady at my school, used to ask me this question every week: So, do you know what are you studying at university? And every week, I would give her a different answer. Biology, Geography, Advertising, Education, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Marine Biology, Music, Photography, Theatre, ...list goes on. Never really knew what I wanted to do specifically, cuz I knew I wanted to do them all! Like seriously. I'm not like other kids who went through a list of programs and just said no to all of them, but instead I would say yes to all of them because they all sounded exciting (well, maybe except for law and physics)

After lots of thinking I have decided to study Communications. Well, actually I went to a University in CR to take Advertising. Just to get the feel of being in University. And THEN, I took Communications at York.

Now that I have a Communications degree, now what? I know about all the jobs I could have by taking Communications: Audio and Video Production, Publisher, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Copywriter, Art Director, Lobbyist, Technical Writer, New Media Designer, Media Manager, Media Analyst, Creative Director, Editor, News Reporter, Journalist, etc. Yeah, they all sound really really nice. But it makes me think what other things I am missing.

For example, I like to cook. That's a fact. I love food. I love reading books and magazines about food and cooking. I love enjoying real good food. That's a fact again. I would have really REALLY loved to go to Cooking School. Learning about preparation of food, the different ways of cooking something, the spices, the nutrition value of food, the different tastes, how one food can mingle so well with others, French Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Latin American Cuisine, Indian Cuisine....they all sound Fantastic! I could just go on and on about food and cooking because it is something I am passionate about. Especially when it comes to bakery. I wanted to be a pastry chef. Making cupcakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cookies, meringues, pies, and all the sweet things.

Another thing I am passionate about, animals. I have a great facination especially on marine animals, or animals that live in water. Shrimps, fish, lobsters, clams, sponges, sharks, whales, seahorses, oysters, squids, corals, etc. Not only I like eating seafood, but I have a great fascination about, for example, how jellyfish move, where they breathe, how they eat, etc. I feel like I could stare at a fishtank for hours, trying to figure out what the fish is doing. I've always been interested in Biology, especially in my last years of high school. I got to learn so much about how things in nature function. And mother nature is a great thing! I feel I could never stop learning about nature. And I also care about the environment and protection of animals.

But what it is like to work at something I have never given thought about? Like a crime scene investigator. It happens that I was just watching CSI, and it made me wish I had taken criminology. These investigators are so brilliant tracking down murderers, and I am quite impress of the technology available to them, for example to track DNA from a strand of hair. A strand of hair!! Well, obviously the show might not portray reality as much, but I'm pretty sure they have cool technology for their jobs! It seems like a great feeling being able to solve a mystery. There is so much wit, intelligence and attention to detail. I wanna be like that! Seems amazing to find the missing piece to the puzzle. So cool. It could also involve biology! DNA testing and such. Psychology. Try to understand how people think and their intentions on their actions.

Whereas I never had the chance to try on different hats (not literally, I've actually worn many funky hats), this guy has. Sean Aiken. After graduation, he didn't know what he wanted to do, so he planned to take any job that comes to him to find his true passion. He made a project called "One Week Job" where he would perform 52 jobs in 52 weeks in a trip around North America.


Luckily he's doing a tour in Toronto and he's coming to York. I'm SOOO going to see him and hear him talk. So amazing! My bf wants to come too!

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