Monday, January 30, 2012

You Sank My Friendship!

Friendship is a funny thing. At least for me.

Friendship for me is something that comes easily, but it also goes easily. It's not that hard to get a new pal. The hard part is to keep that pal around for longer.

Growing up, I always wanted to have friends that would come to my house all the time to hang out, or me going to their houses and hang out all the time. Kinda like That's 70's Show, where whole bunch of people just got together, hung out and talked about stuff. I did have childhood friends. My dad would take me to Jason*'s house on Monday, Phil*'s house on Tuesday, Janice*'s house on Wednesday, etc. That was every week, until all of a sudden I just stopped hanging out with them. Life happened. I don't speak or see those childhood friends anymore. Wonder where they are now.

Friendship is a funny thing, because you go from hanging out with someone all day all the time, to not speaking to each other at all after a while. I go on my Facebook and go through my first year pictures. I had sooo many friends! I was more of a social butterfly; I had different groups of people I hung out with. And now that I look back at those pictures I think to myself, "who are they?". I mean, I know who they are cuz I used to see them all the time at school, but to me, they are people who you would pass by today and they won't even say hi to you. How did this happen?

It was easier when I lived in residence in my first three years of university because you basically go to a different floor or walk a few steps to chat with a friend. But now that I have graduated, people pursue different paths in life. Just like when I graduated from high school, everyone wanted to do something different. Friends moved away, friends who got jobs, friends who wanted to continue their education.... It's like people are too busy to maintain friendships now. I don't like how everything is robotized now - go to school, learn, come home, homework, sleep, repeat; or go to work, get home, dinner, sleep, repeat. I feel like people are so busy that they don't try hard to maintain friendships anymore. Everyday is an excuse not to see a long-time friend. "Oh, sorry, can't meet up with you next week. I have a big project to do." How hard is it to give up half an hour of the day to char with friends and have a good time?

Since last two summers a friend of mine has been wanting to have a get together with our group of people. Dates kept being postponed and plans kept changing because everyone was too busy. In January I thought for a while that the get-together was actually going to happen. But people are just too busy with their lives to dedicate a few mins for planning a group date. Are people that lazy now? Do people not care about friendship anymore?

I have had several best friends in my life. It goes from building a strong relationship to the friendship being destroyed and stepped on by life. It's so unfortunate because you invest so much of your time and your life secrets in these people, and all of a sudden, they disappear from your life. Kinda unfair if you asked me.

But I guess people change. Life happens. After all, the best you can do is to enjoy the moment because it won't last. All you are left with are just memories and they make you who you are. Sure, you have lost old friends, but there are many friends to be made and new great memories to be created in the future.

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