Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Onion Rings Rule

There's a recent Onion Ring phenomena going on out there, and by 'out there' I mean Facebook. It started all from this guy called Toby Brittan who decided to make a facebook group called "Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Justin Bieber?" And to that question, Yes, yes it is possible for a simple insignificant onion ring get more fans than the so-called music artist Justin Bieber. Now that they got more fans than Justin Bieber, they are going for exceeding the numbers of fans of Miley 'Circus' and Jonas 'Bros', which they did it successfully in just few days.

You see, nothing against fresh Canadian artists, but, c'mon...Justin Bieber? He was discovered on Youtube making cover songs from Usher and Justin Timberlake. I can find 1840 YouTube performers who are way more talented than him. I am not wholly convinced by the baby-faced boy with a hair bigger than his face singing with a girly undevelopped voice and doing this whole 'gansta what what up and down signs'. And it's funny because, if you search for him on Wikipedia, his page has been locked from editing because there are so many vandalism occuring on his website, saying that he's actually 9 years old, he is dead, he is gay, etc.

Let's see if his lyrics of "One Time" make any sense:

Shawty right there She's got everything I need and I'm gon' tell her one time (one time) Give you everything you need Down to my last dime She makes me happy I know where I'll be Right by your side cause She is the one

Hold on...did he just say "shawty" in his song? really, Justin??? What do you know about 'the one' when you're 15 looking like 12?

What's gonna happen to his career when his puberty hits him and he loses the voice that made him oh-so-famous?

Where has all the talent gone? Miley Cyrus? Jonas Brothers?

Now I can stop listening to mainstream music. Thanks Justin Beaver!

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