Friday, February 12, 2010

Rock & Roll This!

As a music listener, I think that musical talent is not enough to consider someone as a 'musician'. Music is more than just making money by playing songs in a public. Music is, as it has been since it's earliest history, part of entertainment. Music serves for the major part, to entertain people. A musician is not only a musician, but is also a performer. Therefore, music talent is not enough for a musician, but must be also a performer.

There is indeed lots of musical talents out there. But only a selected few of them really know how to perform on stage. Sure, it is nice listening to the music you like. But the experience is enhanced and enjoyed even more if the musician performs an act of entertainment. How do you like going to a concert where the musician only plays the music and doesn't talk to the audience or interact with it? What about a musician who plays jokes before playing a song?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Eric Hutchinson, if you don't know him already.

His website describes him as "the kind of guy you can trust – honest, approachable, somehow familiar". He began writing song as a kid in Maryland, and now he is touring around mostly North America but also does touring in Australia, and Europe.

His songs are characterized with the everyday freshness, inspired by random conversations he has, street observations, and the randonmess, yet nothing out of ordinary, of everyday life. Like in this lyric of "Oh":

met an acquaintance we were reintroduced
with more in common than we had in our youth
she told me "you look the same" i said "i'm now a new man"
she asked me "how does that work" "i started giving a damn"
and i said "oh!"

A lot of his songs also come with life lessons he has learned along the road, and he reminds us of the simple things in life we tend to forget, like in "Ok, it's alright with me":

Ok it's alright with me some things are just meant to be
it never comes easily and when it does i'm already gone

His great voice, his talent playing the guitar and keyboard, his good looks, his lyrics, and his personality are just few reasons enough to inevitable fall in love with him. He is perfectly charming on stage and his jams keeps the people moving along with the rhythm. More than a musician, he is also a performer.

His great humor on stage makes me wanna hire him for my wedding day (that if I am not marrying to him!)

The way he acts on stage blends well with the audience's experiences and relates back to them, one of the reasons why people like him.

He doesn't only blend in experiences with the audiences, but he also has the talent to blend songs together like this one, especially if you like 'My Girl' and 'Ignition':

Check out his official "Rock and Roll" music video if you have read this far and you like him as much as I do.

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