Friday, March 19, 2010

Next next next on chatroulette

I recently discovered what the whole buzz around is all about. It is funny yet scary at the same time. It is a website that is a chatroom, and you need a webcam to chat with someone one else. If you don't like the person you can click on next and another person will show up. There is also a chat box where you can type.

I have heard of it only a few times, and then I saw one article on one of my favourite websites showing up a bunch of funny/creepy screen shots from the chat. Here it is.

Please note: if you decide to be brave and log onto that website, I recommend not to do it by yourself. It's adviceable to be with other people like friends.

Of course, after seeing the website, I was too afraid to go to Chatroulette because of the weird people I might encounter. I personally don't like to show myself on webcam, so instead of showing my face, i directed the webcam to my housemate's cat who was sitting on my chair.

I got nexted by this guy dressed in black, a fat boy, and a couple of friends who talked to me "whoah! it's a cat on a computer! how'd do that?" and then exited the chatroom.

Like 7 minutes was all I could spend in that chatroom, hoping that I will not encounter any penis, old pervert guy, or someone with a weird costume.

I would like to try it again sometime, but not by myself, I'm too scared to do that. A guy told me that his friend found an old man in a bunny suit. Another friend told me that that's what she does in class with her friends and she finds it hilarious.

Hopefully my next experience with chatroulette will give me more to talk about - the very very weird people I might encounter out there.


  1. hahahahhaha creeepy!

  2. That's pretty awesome, never even knew about this until you posted this entry up, lol. I always thought I was pretty F'ed up and ugly, but guess there's always people worse than me, LOL!