Sunday, April 4, 2010

Meet the parents day

FINALLY I am done with all my school work. It was about time! Sorry Blogger, I had you abandoned because I had gazillion assignments to do all due last week. But since I am done, I will be dedicating you more time.

Also, finally, both of my parents came visit me in Toronto. It is usually my dad who comes, and mom stays watching the house. But this time both of them wanted to come to look for a place for me and my sister Sonia.

Today was the day that my parents met my boyfriend Jacob. jacob not only had to be put in an awkward position with my parents, but my aunt and uncle were also there. Poor boy. But anyways, he was pretty nervous before meeting them, his feet kept tapping the floor. Then they came. It was an akward 'hello', since none of my parents and relatives are the hugging type of people. What happens when white boy meets chinese adults? Cultural shock. The whiteness of Jacob came when he was eating fries, fried rice, and noodles. Of course mother wanted him to try new things, but I understand why Jacob would be so afraid to try. And I don't think that was a place for him to start trying new things. I didn't want to push him to try Chinese food, like the 'asian-ess' of my mother came out when she kept insisting him on eating more. "Eat some meat!" "Try the BBQ ribs!" "Eat some of these fruits!" "Here, have some more!" drink this, eat that, etc. etc. Whereas for me, it's all about "Stop eating this" "Stop eating that" "you look fat" "what's that piece of meat you have on your side". You see, she is the kind of person that likes to critisize people, especially labelling people as either 'skinny' or 'fat' since she is a health freak after all. My dad says nothing, all he does is sit there and nod (and eat cuz eating is important to him). My aunt just tells me about my little cousin Adam. My uncle is such a character.... He is the kind of person that talks, talks, talks, and talks. It's almost like his mind is processing words more rapidly than he can utter them out. If you never want an awkward silence, have a talk with my uncle, or more like listen to my uncle. Because whenever you wanna get into the conversation, express an opinion, agree with him, disagree with him, etc. he will cut you off and start talking even faster. That is why I can never ride a car with him driving, because the whole time is him talking, sometimes I feel like I wanna fall asleep. You can just nod to him, like my dad.

But the good thing about the awkward lunch was that it seems like they approved Jacob. I am really glad, since I have never brought a guy and introduce him to my parents. Jacob is definetly the type of guy I want my parents to meet. They said he was very polite, very good to comprimise (according to wikie it means "a concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms"), very easy going and a good gentleman. Jacob thought my parents were kind, and although they did not talk much, they seem to be good looking people, even though they look younger than their actual age. I am happy that no blood was spilled - in other words, I am glad that they were good to each other. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

I love my Jacob, he is so good with parents, and very refined and polite. Plus very good looking. I am very happy with him and I would not change him for anyone else.

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