Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Animals do have a soul

Lately I have been overwhelmed by the videos I have seen of animals helping other animals. This shows that animals are not only objects that just stand there and eat food. They do have the capabilities of helping people or other animals. They have feelings. They have morals. Human and animals aren't much different after all. Here are some of the videos.

In this video, a dog is hit by a bus in a highway in Chile, and another dog spots him on the highway and drag him out little by little.

In this other video, a squirrel is killed on the road, and his other squirrel friend prevents him from being eaten by the birds. You can see him chaing them off with his tail, and laying his body on top of the dead squirrel to protect him.

In this other one,
A chimpanzee mother, Vuavua, chases away flies circling the body of her dead infant, Veve, at Bossou, Guinea. She uses her hands and a twig tool (a fly-whisk). Veve died two days previously, of a respiratory disease. Vuavua continued to carry her dead infants body for a total of 19 days after death, during which period the corpse mummified.

Caring for others is the instinct in every human and animal.

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