Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss Bachelor of Arts with Honours

So long, after four years of study cramming and lots and lots and lots of money, I HAVE OFFICIALLY GRADUATED!! =D

I had my convocation last Thursday. I was kinda stressed because it was the only day of the week that rained and was cold. I was just wearing a dress and a regalia. Thought a fall convocation wouldn't be that bad. I thought it would be nice and sunny, not too hot, not too cold, and nice to take pictures with the fall leaves. The ceremony wasn't bad. Thought it would be way too long, but time passed by really quickly (considering that many did not attend convocation). I was sad I was separated from my friend who also took Communications and French. But I was close to another Communications friend and some classmates I never really cared about. Then there was this girl who liked to point the obvious. It is kind of ironic she's graduating and she didn't seem very bright. The other guy next to me said she might be drunk. I would not be surprised. After it ended, I took a few photos with my friend, my mom (who came all the way to Costa Rica to see me graduate) and my boyfriend. I wanted to get some refreshments at the reception, but it was too crazy, I could barely get any food (mostly thanks to this lady who spent the time of her life picking cherry tomatoes one by one and never thought about moving). After that, me, my mom and my boyfriend went to a restaurant to celebrate. It was nice. Wish my dad was there, he would be very proud. But he didn't come with my mom and decided to stay taking care of his business (although he said he wanted to compensate me by giving me some ca$h. yay!)

Now after graduation, I was hoping job finding were A LOT easier. Ideally I would just finish university and then I will have a job. Unfortunetly, it is not my case. It is super hard, harder than I thought it would be. Seems like companies almost don't hire you for your degree but for your past experiences. This comes hard on me since I am competing with a lot of Canadians who start working at age 15 or 16. In Costa Rica most people don't work until they are like 18. Disadvantage for me there. Also, many students to part-time jobs while studying. Me, my parents told me to focus on my studies instead. You mean, I could have gained a lot of experience? Um, yeah. I should have also gone to college, where they give you internships in the last semester. College is more hands-on what you want to do. Not essay writing and reading at university. Although graduating from a prestiged university is good too. Can't underestimate the things I have learned in these past four years. Guess I could take experiences I have had at university, either working or volunteering and transfering them to the work force. Another disadvantage I have is that here Canadian people have connections, like friends and families, and I don't. Or barely don't.

What I can still do it to give my best, to not give up, and bring up my passion. Many might have the skills, but not too many have the passion, ammirite? I can also do a lot of research on the industries and companies I would like to work at. By the way, I heard Mad Men is about advertising? Might have to start watching a new show!

Bye bye full-time student, hello full-time job hunter....


  1. Congrats! While job hunting goes underway, enjoy time with boyfriend and your mother, enjoy some TLC would be nice.
    Update your bio too. Cheers!

  2. thank you! i should certainly update my bio.
    what does TLC stand for?

  3. Tender Loving Care =)
    You get to be spoiled by them both. Have they been doing that? =P

  4. lol a little bit, not too much. just what i wanted.

  5. It's weekend =) Good to have a boyfriend ;)

  6. In response to what you wrote above (about the French movie) yes, do appreciate what you have around you. Don't take things for granted.