Saturday, October 30, 2010

This is Halloween This is Halloween

The time of the year have come again, Halloween parties. I really enjoy Halloween here in Canada, just because people take it very seriously, in a fun way. I mean, in Costa Rica the tradition has pretty much died and no one goes trick or treatin' anymore. I don't know if they make parties and stuff but the parties are certainly unlike the ones they have here in Canada. Let's say that Halloween in Costa Rica is pretty much like any regular day, in my opinion. But coming to Canada, Halloween is WICKED! (no pun intended). When I lived in residence we had so many events like Pumpkin Carving, Halloween Haunted House Decoration, Halloween Pub Nights, Halloween parties in the common rooms, and not counting the fact that the day is INFESTATED with CANDIES and chocolates. mmmm. Did I also mention Dressing up? and that I LOOOVE dressing up? The next is a compilation of my halloween costumes from the last 5 years:

I won't lie. Dressing up is fun. Wish I could dress up more more often.

I think Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. Of course we can't have halloween without deliciousness like the cupcakes and cake me and Jacob made:

I have also decided to upload some deliciousness from the Internet which would have been a great idea to make.

Mmmmm tell me you don't want any of yummy. Perfect excuse to bake and make stuff.

What's your Halloween like? Made any good stuff?


  1. Very nice. Costumes. I like the pair up of you two, very cute.
    The cake decorating looks a lot of fun. Did you eat all those cakes?

  2. Thanks! We didnt eat all those cakes. I probably had like one cupcake and my bf had one too. My roomates ate the rest. I had more fun making them than eating them

  3. Very nice.
    Now I wonder what you two are going to be dressed as next year. Never too late to think of Hallowe'en costumes.