Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hi, how can I help you today?

I finally got a job as a customer service at a mall. Hurray!

It's not a full-time job, it's a seasonal part-time job, but that's totally fine. At least I am working, gaining experience, getting to know people, and learning new things that could help me for the future.

I am currently working at the customer service front desk at a mall. So my duties include giving directions to stores, answering the phone, gift-wrapping, offering photocopying and faxing services, and other duties. I like it very much so far. The people I work with are really nice, and since day 1 they have been helping me a lot; telling me how things work, how to do something properly, how to talk to customers, etc. They are really nice and have some sense of humour. Very generous. The girls are great, they know a lot, and although some are kinda competitive, a lot of times they are really nice and they try to get to know me. The guys I have worked with are hilarious, very funny guys. Very helpful, yet always have some time to joke around.

My managers are nice too. They have been very helpful and I respect them a lot. They also have a sense of humour. I find that so important regarded to the personality of a manager. That you feel at ease with them, and not feel threatened or scared. And because of that, the person hired will have a stronger sense of connection and communication with the manager, and enjoy work.

The most difficult part of my job is to learn ALL and Every Single store in the mall. Locate them and give the simplest directions to customers. I have gone through three phases:

Phase 1: only know the stores you go to, and have no idea where the heck the other stores are or how to get there.
Phase 2: know the majority of the stores, but get them all confused. Danger: giving false directions to customers.
Phase 3: know the most popular stores and biggest stores.

So, I'm on it. I porbably know how to get to most stores, but small stores or stores that people don't usually ask for, I get stuck and I need to double-check with my co-workers. Thankfully I made a SUPER map that I created myself, with the floor of the mall with every single store. I have gotten lots of praises for it and have been told that that's called dedication.

Even more, today, this lady came up to me and said:
Lady: where could you go for big sizes clothing?
Me: Hm, I'm thinking of Laura Plus, which is straight ahead and then turn left.
Lady: where is the Apple store?
Me: straight down the hallway, on your right side.
Lady: could I get a coffee nearby there?
Me: yes, there is a Second Cup on your way there too.
Lady: you're good!!
(and then she pointed that I was good to my other co-workers. I felt so proud!)

The thing I have learned so far is that people come up to you with all sorts of inquiries, and you just try to do your best to help them, even if that means you have to go an extra mile. Might not mean much to you, but could mean a lot to them. It feels really nice to help other people, even though some appreciate it more than others.

I like this job. Maybe I could stay after the holidays.

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