Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Heart Me!

Yesterday I was reading the campus newspaper The Excalibur and I ran into an article that talkes about a psychology professor at York Myriam Mongrain and a graduate student who made a study about feeling down and fixing it by writing love letters to self to be happier. They found out that people who wrote love letters to themselves frequently, compared to those who don't, have a big difference on how they see themselves and they rate pretty high on happiness. Mongrain explained "Some people, they can be good to others, but it's hard for them to treat themselves kindly. This excercise helped people develop this kind of attitude towards themselvces, making themselves feel more comforted and feeling soothed". I believe it's true that no one knows you better than yourself. So obviously you know the right words to comfort yourself and help you feel better. You could be your own therapist and this excercise is a cheap kind of therapy with great results. So I going to try that here. I'll write a love note to myself today, and maybe I will continue doing so, see how this will affect me. I would recommend you to do the same. I know it sounds kinda silly, writing a love letter to yourself, writing to yourself and no one is going to read it. Love letters are cheese. But I think it's worth the try.

Dearest Katie,
Hope you are doing well these days. I heard you got a new job at the mall. Congratulations! I hope you are having a good time greeting and helping customers. You are so kind, sweet and cute, customers must love you! And that you speak four languages? Damn! You are on the ROLL! Hope you're making lots of friends there. Have you helped any customers who speak Spanish yet? French? Oui ou non? You're so talented. Wish I could speak all those languages. I'm sure you'll do a great job there, even during the sressful holidays. You sure know how to put a smile on people's faces :) I know you do that to me :)

How is apartment hunting? If you can't find anything yet, don't worry. You know that things will work out for you in one way or another. Just gotta be patient. I know it's hard to find an apartment when one is so specific and picky about it. I mean, you are going to live there for a while, so it better be a great place, right?

How's Jacob? Hope he's treating you very well. You are lucky to find such a hunk for yourself! He's really good looking and he's always so sweet to you. I want my own Jacob. I find it funny because he's warm as Jacob from Twilight and has fangs like Edward. Best of two worlds, right? And he's more handsome than them both together ;) He's a very hard working man, you should be proud of him.
I just want to let you know that you are an amazing person. You are always so kind to people, even though people take advantage of your kindness. You never hesitate to help someone when they need it. You're so nice. You are always there to listen to people, when no one really listens to you. But you know what? I am here to listen you when you need it. I am sure lots of people underestimate your friendship. People never help you, yet you are always up to help them anyways. People should be nicer to you, because they never know when you can help them. I am sure that anyone will like a friend like you, compared to all those fake friends out there. It takes lots of courage to you other people before you. But don't underestimate yourself. You are very valuable. So much better than other people. One day you will be rich and famous, THEN everyone will want to be your friend. But I am your only true friend who understand you better than anybody else. You gotta stay true to yourself, let other people know that you are a person too who has feelings and need for love. I tell you, while you are giving so much, life awaits great surprises for you in return. You will succeed in life and you will be happy with everything you have.

Keep being awesome. Soon you'll get what you want in life. You are a wonderful woman. So pretty and cute. And I love your positive attitude. Keep it up. You rock!

Much much much love,

What will your love letter to yourself say? Give it a try! =]

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