Friday, December 24, 2010

My Unrealistic Christmas List

Have you heard of Simple Plan's song My Christmas List?

I have been inspired to create my fake Christmas list with things that would be impossible to get but sound really awesome.

Katie's Christmas List 2010:
- A furnished condo in the heart of Downtown with view to the lake, with VIP cable and internet
- DVD's of all my fav movies and TV shows
- The iPad
- All the themed monopolies listed from the few last posts
- SLR Camera with all the lenses plus fish eye lens
- A room full of stuffed penguins!
- One million dollars!
- Trip to Europe
- A plastic bubble wrap that will allow me to go out in the Winter without freezing my face off
- The best job ever!
- A butler
- A cute fluffy nice cat that sits on my lap
- A dolphin (why not?)
- Cruise to escape from winter time
- A teleporter
- A delicious drink that will make me lose 10 pounds instantly
- An Iphone with all the cool apps included
- My housemates to be clean-freaks
- My bedroom painted lillac
- An unlimited spending gift card to David's Tea
- A photograph of me and Adam Young from Owl City
- Scented pijama bottom and top
- Free tuition to study Culinary Art in George Brown College
- A beach home in California
- A house by the skii resort in Banff
- A whole new wardrope for the winter season
- A blue smart car + lifetime supply of free gas
- A haircut with professional stylist that will make me look super hot
- Guitar Hero, all of them
- Nintendo Wii
- The softest blanket ever
- Eric Hutchinson's keyboard
- Four inches taller
- Closer relationship with my friends
- New eyeballs so I don't have to wear glasses anymore
- A fishtank in my apartment with exotic fish
- Fireplace in my room
- Smell of bacon every time I wake up in the morning
- Smell of fresh cookies or cake during the day
- A pet monkey
- A baking set for my kitchen (cookie cutters, mixers, pastry bags, ready-made-fondant, etc)
- A jacuzzi in my backyard
- Free groceries for the rest of my life
- A mac computer
- A free tattoo
- Care bear hoodie
- Cool animal teapot
- $10,000 gift certificate to Bath and Body Works
- A purse with enough pockets to organize everything in it, yet compact enough to keep everything
- Sleeping earphones that will keep any noise away while I sleep
- Garden full of flowers and herbs
- All the Office characters bobbleheads
- LED Jellyfish mood lamp
- Polaroid camera
- Massage chair
- Electronic butterfly in a jar
- A shirt that says "Suit up!"

What's in YOUR unrealistic Christmas list?


  1. Merry Christmas. Hope that you've had, or undergoing an awesome celebration.

    Hey, not all on your list are realistic, Poloroid cameras are pretty affordable, family/bf/relatives ;) Cheers!

  2. Did your bf get you anything from that list? ;) I would

  3. Happy holidays!! hope you had a great time celebrating!
    my bf didn't get me anything from that list. if i only i showed it to him before jk, i dont expect all that.
    Got any nice gifts?

  4. Aw. :( your bf sucks. You should dump him... jk. Did he at least get you something good.. I received a few small gifts. Now just need to endure the rest of the winter cold.

  5. It's the thought that counts. So how did you celebrate your Christmas, with family/friends?
    Did you have turkey? :)

  6. I celebrated christmas with my bf's family. had a big turkey dinner. i was so full of turkey, mash potatoes, apple pie, stuffing, ham, mushrooms.... should have brought some stretch pants =D
    yeah, i got a few goodies from my bf =]

  7. Sweet =)
    When are you getting married? ;)