Monday, January 3, 2011

Chew on life's big questions

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's 2011, yo! Best wishes to my fellow readers =D
Already first year blog entry!

Jacob told me today that Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute from The Office) has a book called "Soulpancake", apparently it's a #1 best seller these days. So I went to google to see what it's about. Then I realized it's a website and Rainn Wilson (one of the founders of the website) wrote a book based on that website. Both the book and the website ponders about life's biggest questions. Their slogan is "chew on life's big questions". People can sign up and can discuss, kinda like in a forum, about anything: religion, life, secrets, self, , etc.

Reading so many questions made me ponder on my own life questions:

1. What is my purpose in life?

2. If God exists, what does he look like? (Some might argue that He's not physical, but I've always wondered) Bonus if he looks like Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty.

3. Does the government control everything?

4. What's the purpose of the existance of mosquitos?

5. How BIG is the universe?

6. Would it be possible the existance of a parallel universe to this one? (So like me in this parallel universe is a tall white guy who loves cabbage)

7. When do we learn to lie?

8. Is the phrase "more money, more problems" true?

9. Do our souls leave our bodies when we dream?

10. Is our knowledge limited?

11. Which is the better , male or female?

12. Is it possible to not be racist?

13. Do humans control technology or does technology control us?

14. Does karma exist?

15. How much personal space do you need?

16. How much private information about yourself are you willing to give out on internet?

17. How big is cyber space?

18. What would the world be without religion?

19. What happens to you after you die?

20. Do "soulmates" really exist?

21. What is love and how do you know you are in love?

22. Who makes the rules for society?

23. What makes something beautiful?

24. Does the way the stars are positioned the way you were born affect on your personality? Like horoscopes

24. Which came first, the egg or the chicken?

25. What really happened to the dinosaurs?

26. Could there be an universal language?

27. Could human archieve absolute happiness?

28. Do ghosts really exist?

29. Is time machine ever possible?

30. Will there ever be a zombie apocalypse?

Those are only a few of my questions. What are YOUR life's big questions? Comment!


  1. I think there is only one answer to most of those questions up there, it's...whether what you believe. If you do, they exsist, if you don' won't see.