Tuesday, August 2, 2011

....and then it was August

Holy Moly! It's August already! Soon summer would end and it will start to get cold again. Guess who's not looking forward to that...me! Seriously, where has time gone? And what have I done all summer long?

It's incredible how fast time goes by, especially when you are too busy to notice it. I was just reading something on StumbleUpon and I came across an article/blog that has impacted me a lot. Almost everything (the ones I remember at least) made me feel sooo old! I'm gonna post some of them here and I will put on some things I remember and compare it to now. If you are curious about where I saw this, click here.

Clarissa is this years old now

The last episode of Teletubbies aired 10 years ago

Macaulay Culkin is 30 years old now

Elijah Wood was 18 when he was a cast of Lord of The Rings. He is 30 now.

Spice girls now

The BackstreetBoys were in their teens when they started the band, and now

JFK would be 92 years old this year

If the Simpsons aged, Bart would be 30 this year

Kurt Cobain has been dead for 17 years

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have been divorced for 6 years

The baby on the Nirvana Cover has grown up (the one I found the most shocking)

All 3 Hanson brothers are married and have kids now. And look more like men

There hasn't been any new Goosebumps in 14 years

Harry Potter cast then and now

The kid from Stuart Little (Jonathan Lipnicki) has grown

Steve Urkel then and now

After 10 seasons, the last episode of Friends aired 5 years ago

Genie in a Bottle, Christina Aguilera's first hit was 12 years ago, when she was only 19. Now she's 30

Tupac Shakur has been dead for 15 years

ICQ was still cool

The Titanic movie is 14 years old

There hasn't been a new episode on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 8 years

Melissa Joan Hart is 35

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