Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sorry, August, you went by too quickly for me.

August was a very busy month for me. For one, I started to volunteer for an environmental non-govermental organization. I have also started a marketing internship online. Then got to spend some time with my lovely. Also, more job interviews.

For that reason I haven't written much. But I want to change that. I feel like I need to improve my writing and that's why I got this blog for start. I will try, from today, to write every day. Or almost every day. I will write about things that impact me during the day, things that made me think, or any sort of things. I have also found an online writing prompt with different topics to write about if I can't think of anything.

Today I had a job interview at a retail store. The first question of the interview was "How do you define success". My first thought was, wow, that's a very good question.

Success is different for everybody, but it all boils down to the same concepts.

Success for me is accomplishing goals you have set for yourself: either personal goals, career, relationships, etc. More importantly how and what you do to achieve those goals. It goes from visualizing your ultimate goals, the process of achieving them, and the accomplishment. Success is knowing that you have created a positive impact on yourself and on others. It is looking back to what you have done and how far you have gone and say, wow! all my efforts have paid off. Success is the feeling of on top of the world, being very happy with life, and the feeling of self-accomplishment. It is always great to know that you have succeeded by your own and with your own knowledge and skills set. But sometimes you have to aknowledge that others have helped you accomplish your goals, or even you helping others accomplishing a goal. That's kind of success too.

When I'm older, I want to see myself successful, in the way that I have everything I wanted in life: money, family, friends, food, house. It's like saying, I have worked so hard in my life to gain all these things I want, and now I have them. Now THAT is success.

Things in my life that I consider myself successful at so far:
1. Graduating from high school with an International Diploma. I worked my ass off for that diploma. I spent sleepless nights just to finish an assignment and checking every little detail to make sure it is high quality. I finished high school knowing that I gave my 110% to get to where I got.
2. Graduating from University. Again, working really really hard to get my $100,000 paper that says that I have graduated. Homeworks, presentations, group presentations, tests, quizes, exams, essays, reserach, readings, and social life. I think I deserved that damn expensive piece of paper!
3. Living on my own for 5 years now. I used to be very dependent on my parents. Since I moved to Canada I've been doing everything myself from laudry, cooking, traveling, washing dishes, cleaning the house, organizing my room, and now, job hunting.

I can't wait where my life is going to take me and the great things I have yet to accomplish.

I think that in 30 years from now, I can (or hope!) look back and say: My Life Is A Success.

How do YOU define "success"?

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