Thursday, October 13, 2011

Belly Full of Turkey

Whoopsies, how could I miss a posting about my second (real) Canadian Thanksgiving??! And I mean "real" because it was not planned by international students at university, second year in a row celebrating it with my boyfriend's family.

Unlike last year, where there were only three families at the dinner table, this year was so crowded with people. I would say perhaps around ten families. They had to extend the dinning table and make another one as well.

I love the idea about Canadian Thanksgiving. I don't know how it's different in the United States -well except for the fact that it's celebrated in October instead of November in the States. But the idea of family get togethers, talking to each other, doing fun stuff together, catching up on your extended family members' lives, saying the grace, having dinner, all the smiling and hugging...they are all so heart-warming! There's nothing like this in Costa Rica, maybe only Christmas. And growing up, I never get to do this because my relatives they all live so far away or the ones that live close they have their own plans with other people. We were all kinda like strangers who don't know what's going on with each other's lives or care to get to know about it.

On Thanksgiving, I was thankful for the wonderful weather we got that weekend to celebrate it, and thankful for having a boyfriend with great family.

My favourite part? The food, of course! How many chances you get to stuff your face with food in a year? Only a couple. The smell of turkey fresh out of the oven, the party of flavours in the stuffing, the sweetness of the cranberry sauce, the healthy taste of salads, and the great taste of pumpkin pies. So lucky. I couldn't take any pictures of my plate because I was starving and I just couldn't wait to eat it all. But I could take picture of my dessert plate because I was waiting for the dinner food to go down my belly.

white meat or dark meat?

Best of both and pumpkin pies

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