Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet Abby and Brittany Hensel

Last night I stumbled upon a story about these two twin sisters who were born conjoined. This means that they both share the lower part of the body. They both have separate hearts, ribcage and stomach. But they share large intestines and pelvis. Each one of them control their side of the body, yet they can do things such as swimming, clapping, and moving in sync. The chances of survival after 24 hours of birth is considered minimal, so for these twins to still be living after 21 years, it is a scientific and life miracle! It's amazing how they both have different personalities, but they have the ability to finish each other's sentences or do the same thing without talking about it before. It is fascinating how they manage to cooperate with each other to do everyday activities like driving, playing volleyball, etc.

Looking at the documentary they did about them on TLC they seem to be very well educated and well mannered girls. They seem to be really nice. That's good parenting! They are pretty too. I am really glad they have such a supportive family and friends. But also, I feel bad for them for every ignorant people who can take pictures or record videos of them without permission or stare at them as if they were monsters or talk bad about them. Must be very hard on them to get all that unwanted attention.

I heard one of them got engaged. I am really happy for her. I hope Abby get to find someone to get engaged to too. However, I wonder how awkward it is to be dating two guys at once.

To me, they are nothing like freaks or anything like that. I see them as two different persons that happens to share the lower part of the body. They seem really nice. I think people should watch the documentary, understand their lifestyle and learn about them before making any judgments. Wish I could meet them. I wish them all the best. Their strenght and positivism is a great inspiration.

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