Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dull to Cool

A friend of mine posted this on his facebook and I watched the video. I just wanna share this with you guys because it's crazy. It seems that it only takes one or two people to make something lame to something insane.

Leesson is: do whatever you wanna do, cause there's at least one other person think it's cool. Therefore, more people are gonna think it's cool. It's all part of today's culture and human behaviour. Monkey see, money do.

Like when I worked in a health store for my aunt, one of our salesman pretended to be a customer and looked through the window to see if it attracts people. It worked. Once people draw attention to something, others will do too.

So, don't be afraid of being yourself no matter how lame or stupid it is. It could become a trend.

Check the video views!! It's up to like 3,437,881 views. That's crazy! If I were the guy dancing I would be proud of myself.

p.s. I wonder if the guy jumped off the bridge the other would too (???)

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