Monday, February 7, 2011

Grammar Police

I admit it, I am not the best at writing big essays and it is not unusual to find a few grammar mistakes on my papers. I do, however, know elementary grammar. You know, the one they teach you in first grade. And it drives me crazy when people do not gasp the difference of simple grammar. Let me show you.

You're (short for 'you are') as in You're a great basketball player.
Your (something that belongs to you) as in Your dress is very pretty.

There (refering to somewhere) as in I saw a cow over there.
Their (someething that belongs to the other person) as in Their kids are really well behaved.
They're (short for 'they are') as in They're a really cute couple.

Then (refering to time)
as in I was a shy guy back then.
Than (comparing something) as in That pink curtain looks better than the orange one.

Those are the words that make me uneasy when I see them mispelled.

I know, I am not perfect. I might have few grammar or spelling mistakes on my blog, but C'MON!! These are a MUST know!!

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