Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pay more for less

So apparently the Internet Service Providers is trying to impose this law of charging internet per use. So like if you use X byte of internet you will be paying XX amount. So the more internet you use, the more you have to pay, like they do on Smartphones. But I personally can't imagine going back to that again, cuz I remember when they did that in Costa Rica, well actually they billed you for how long you use it, but still. I think it's the government trying to control us, and our knowledge. When this happens, you'll be thinking about using internet for the most important things, but I think that is impossible these days. I have been using internet recently to do job search. And it's obvious that I'll be spending massive amounts of time searching the internet, no? So I believe that this whole this Usage-Based Billing (UBB) is complete BS! We have to right of fredom of knowledge. I don't wanna have second thoughts on watching a Youtube video of otters holding hands just because they are going to charge me more for that!

For more info and sign the petition go here --> Stop The Meter On Your Internet

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