Friday, November 4, 2011


Sorry October, you haven't been all really exciting enough for me to write about.

However, I did fail trying to write almost everyday. Hopefully I will redeem myself for November.

If you ask me Halloween was kinda uneventful this year. Me and jacob wanted to get costumes, but since there was no party to go to, it was kinda pointless to get costumes. I totally wanted to be wonder woman this year!! I was jealous of people on Facebook uploading their Halloween costumes and seeing trick-or-treaters. Which by the way, was my very first time..ish...seeing trick-or-treaters in Canada, since no one really went trick-or-treating where I used to live....cuz it was full of university students of course. Do you think if I put on a big costume on, people wouldn't notice that I am actually an adult? I remember me and Coral wanting to go trick-or-treating a few years ago. We never did. Jacob didn't really know what he wanted to be. We didn't dress up, however, we did bake some Halloween cookies.

On other news, I finally, like Teri said, joined the 21st century and got a smartphone. It looks almost exactly like this one

I feel so new in this android world. I've been trying to figure this phone out. Turns out it's more complicate than I had thought. All this new vocabulary of Kernels, Gingerbread, ROM, etc etc. is throwing me off because I have no idea what they are. I was very happy with my old Samsung Slyde phone, but the batteries were being pain in the ass an wouldn't allowe me to charge it. When I went to my phone provider, they pretty much only had smartphones. So I prtty much didn't have many choices. And, let's be honest, it was about time I got a smartphone cuz it seems that evey single person I have encountered out there in the world has one. I was happy with my old phone though, until it was being stupid. At least with my old phone I could send picture messages with no problem and I knew when I was NOT using data and not getting surprise from my phone account that I am actually paying for the internet I didn't know I was using!! In the other hand, with this new phone I can have my own personalized ringtone and download cool and addictive game apps into my phone.

I don't know if it's just me, or is this year going by super fast? With the already Christmas decorations and Christmas commercials, I already feel like time is flying by. Most unbearable thought of all....snow is coming on its way....along with the below cero coldness....soooo not looking forward to it. Now I gotta wait 6 or 7 months for nice weather again.

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