Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

I recently watched this movie called Scott Pilgrim vs. the Wold. I didn't see it in theatres and I waited forever for it to be on sale on HMV. I finally bought it for $10 and this is my new favourite movie!!

It's about a guy (Michael Cera) who falls in love with this funky-looking girl who came across one of his dreams before he met her, Ramona. However, in order to be together, Scott must fight 7 of his ex-boyfriends, called "The League of the 7 Evil Exes" or something. The first is like a very dramatic self-loving brown guy. The second is like this super cool looking movie star who also skates. The third is like this vegan guy with super powers and very white hair. The fourth is a chick who Ramona had a "phase" with. The fifth and sixth are some Japanese twin brothers ("Ramona dated both of them at the same time?!"). Finally the seventh is this powerful guy who signs bands to recording contracts or so. On top of that, his band wants to be known and Scott has to find a way to break up with his high school girlfriend to be with Ramona.

What I liked about the movie is that it's different. But cool different. It has a lot of special effects - read comic effects- like the DDDDDD's when guitars are playing, screams, when someone gets punched, or video game references like "1up", and the division of screens when two or more things are happening at once, like when Scott talks to his sister on the phone. I find it very creative and eyecatching. Makes it kinda interactive, feel like you are playing the movie or something. But moreover, I love the sense of humour in the movie. Conversations and the script are very clever in the way that there is some humour in every character. Like when Scott fights the vegan guy, he says "You might be ve-gone, but now you'll BE-GONE!" Or when the first ex-boyfriend wants to fight Scott and he was surprised with that. The exboyfriend says "didn't you get my email explaining the situation?" Things happen so random and fast, it's like telling the story without all the unecessary junk. Like the scene when Ramona delivers Scott his package. When she said that if he signs the package she will go out on a date with him, it shows Scott's signature, giving it back, throwing the pen away, and asking her out...all in like 2 seconds. Oh yeah, did I also mention that it was filmed in Toronto? Yeah, they show the streetcars and the Pizza Pizza by the Honest Ed's in downtown.

It's just a cool movie in general. Special effects, humour, action, romance, video games, music, Michael Cera lol.  It's like everything teenager in a movie. or..twenty-somethings too. I would totally recomment it to anyone who likes a good laugh and entertainment. I leave with you the trailer and with one of the scenes I liked from the movie.

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