Thursday, January 28, 2010

4th year and you suck at basics!

I just can't believe how some FOURTH YEAR students at UNIVERSITY still cannot make a good class presentation. And even worse, a power point presentation.

SO basically you get 5 different kinds of boring presentations and presenters:

#1 The "You-can't-read-my-slides"
This kind of presenter tends to read everything from the slides, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING.

#2 The "I-Just-Wrote-Everything-Up"
This kind comes prepared for the presentation and came to class with only a written component in form of long notes or the summary they made, and decide to read it in front of the class. This is usually due to fear of public speech. Or not knowing what a boring presentation means.

#3 The "Quoter"
This person tries to fit eveything into a slide as much as they can with quotes because they are 'so important'

#4 The "Distractor"
This person make use of pictures in order to cover up for the bad content of the presentation.

#5 The "Monotone"
This person has the skill to keep one voice tone throughtout the whole presentation. The person does not express any sort of emotion at all. Clearly, the person was assigned with a topic they hate or was the last one to pick the topic that nobody else wanted.

This is university, you should be able to make a good class presentation by now. How are you going to be a successful public speecher if your slides suck and nobody is caring what you are saying because you are boring? even if you can't make an interesting presentation, picture yourself listening to your presentation.

Thank you. *insert applause here*


  1. Hah, that's awesome and I'll actually have to keep this in mind because I have to do a presentation (or actually, several) mid-Feb... I hate public speaking but alas, the job promotion doesn't come free and part of the deal was that presentations were a part of it, LOL. Probably better not to use slides at all :P that way there's no temptation to read what's on the screen because... well, nothing is ON the screen!! XD

  2. Any inputs to how to create a good presentation? I know it's obvious to you, but not everyone has a clear mind like you.