Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just gimme the rose

I can't believe of what I'm gonna say next, but I am officially actually hooked on the show The Bachelor. I remember watching it a long time ago, probably the first couple seasons, but I can't remember anything really, just what the show is about. And it's incredible that the show is now on their 14th season. Who woulda thought it could last so long?! But now that the new season began to air this year, January 4th, I can say that I love watching the show.

Now, I am not very fond of these reality date shows, but I have to admit that I take pleasure watching them. It's a guilty pleasure. I ended up watching the show the night of January 4th basically because there was basically nothing else on TV. First episode was fun to watch, but I didn't imagine finding myself on the couch on the same weekday (monday)at the same time on the same channel. And after watching three episodes, I can't wait for the next episode!!!

Funny thing, there has been 14 seasons of The Bachelor, and I did a little bit of research (thank you Wikipedia!!) and none of the bachelors end up with the winners or the follow-up winners. Except for Jason Mesnick from last season who proposed the follow-up girl and she said yes. But other than him, most bachelors did not propose in the season finale, or they break up not long after the show. Lame.

So what do we learn from shows like this? Let's see: 1) true love cannot be found in a TV show. 2) love is not a fairy tale where they pay you for expensive and amazing dates, pick you up in a limo, live in a huge mansion with pool, have cocktail parties every night with dresses, and end up with a rose every night. 3) there are many things that the show leaves out, like family, jobs, friends, etc. which are crucial into such a big decision like engagement and marriage. 4) it takes lot more than just couple weeks to get to know a girl so much and to decide to marry her.

Did I also mentioned that its a TV SHOW, emphasis on the word "show". This means that there might be some underground things going on...who knows...scripts, things that were supposed to happen, things left out of the show, etc.

I don't know what you think about the Rozlyn situation, where she allegedly was having an affair with the producer of the show. Ok, that was a shocker, intense drama, big scandal. I won't lie, my jaws dropped when I saw that. It's something really big for the show, and it's ironic that she got a rose because she impressed Jake. One minute she says "I got my rose, bitches", the next minute she's kicked out of the house. However, on a second thought....was that real? did she actually have an affair with the producer? or they made that up just to increase the show ratings? something to think about.

So there's not much 'real' in reality TV shows. One must be critical when watching shows like this and must not believe everything they say. Trust me, I wrote an essay on this topic. But then again, TV shows are for entertainment, don't take it seriously. I personally enjoy it because, well, the bachelor is kinda good looking and I'm intrigued on who's she ending up with. It also gives me a fantasy about the prince charming and all that jazz teehee. But yeah, its just a show, so sit down and enjoy the show and the drama that comes with it. =]

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  1. Bachelors...I totally agree with your take! Why would there be guys/gals like those on shows be single and looking for "love"?! Entertaining yet it's a bad influence to society, especially kids these days. Sigh!!!