Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The cup

Couple weeks ago, during a networking event, I got to talk - well more like hear- to a guy from Ogilvy One, Rex. He was giving a lot of advices to get into the advertising industry, how to get started, and what the industry is like. What I liked about him was that he was giving actual useful information, unlike another guy talking about hunting sharks. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear about everything, even shark hunting, but networking events is more for getting useful information. But anyways, he kinda gave me a homework. He told me that to be successful you have to be able to sell yourself, give reasons why you are good, do research, sell him the cup that was sitting on the table.

It's been a while since, because I have so much school work to do and I did not get to actually do what he told me until recently when I am done with all school work. So I got my hands on that little homework. He probably does not expect me to actually do it, but let's surprise him, shall we? ;)

Now, most of you do not know the miracle of the existance of a tall glass cup. Most of you have probably seen people drinking from it: water, juice, cocktails, wine, etc.

But you can alsways be a little bit more creative than that and use the cup to store other things. And, if you are a money saver like me, you could use anything as a storage. Do you ever have huge amounts of pennies, dimes, and change like I do? You are the kind who like to pay with bills and big changes like loonies and toonies, maybe quarters. Right, what if I told you that you can use the cup to store change? so that your wallet doesnt get so fat.

Still not impressed? How about your little cousin who just got a new fish and doesnt know where to put it? The bag it comes from is probably not as stable after all. Why not put it in a cup? so it can swim happily and your little cousin can still watch him swim?

Well, maybe the cup is not roomy enough for a big fish, and it is not good enough to keep your little cousin happy. How about making a musical instrument out of it and make noise to distract him from crying? let's call this music instrument - a maraca! It's so easy to make: 1) put some rice in it 2) put a plastic cover on top 3) put a lid around it to seal it 4) shake it like a polaroid picture!

A cup not only makes little kids happy, but also adults. Believe it or not, it is a great quick tool for architects, designers, mathematicians, artists, etc. Why not? it is a quick tool if you need to draw circles. Who havent had that need, ever?

It is also great for moms, especially if they have pots, flowers, or gardens.

Oooooor....if you like mom's home-made cookies, let her know about this great tool. I am sure you will both appreciate it.

You are a guy? No problem! This cup can fix all your problems in the house! leaking fixed = no water on the floor = no accidents = no yelling = no problems.

And since they are no problems in the house, you can grab a beer with couple of your friends, hang out, watch some tv, play some beer pong....Excellent way to have a good time.

After this, I don't know what you would do without this cup. What can you NOT do with this cup? This cup is basically always there when you need it the most. Easy use for everybody. Get your cup, live an easier life. All your problems will be solved with just a cling on the cup!

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