Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what's that egg smell?

I came back home yesterday from Jacob's aunt's cottage. The cottage is AMAZING! its beautiful and its located in the middle of nowhere. And you literally have to drive for like half an hour to get services like supermarket, pharmacy, convenience store, little restaurants, stores, etc. So far away. Part of me really likes living in the country side, y'know, living with nature, have big spaces, breathing fresh air, get out of the city noises and pollution, get away from the crowds...Sounds really nice. But once you get there, you realize how difficult it is, to be away from civilization. having to rive half an hour just to get bread. Drive for half an hour to get cold medicine. If you die suddenly no one else will know. Not having neighbours to say hi to. Driving and walking in the dark can get very scary. I almost pissed in my pants when Jacob was driving in the middle of the woods with no lights. My imagination doesn't stop me from thinking about black bears coming out of nowhere and attac us, or zombies that appear from the bushes saying "braiiiiins...gimme some braiiiins". Of course they are not real, but it is kinda creative you gotta admit. But I am so glad I am back to civilization, big city lights and people around. I am a big city girl. Although, it is always nice an escape from the city, and having a 'relation and engagement with nature' every now and then.

This is the cottage and Jacob

And this is the view from the back

It was really relaxing, looking at the lake, hearing sounds of nature, looking at the stars at romantic. One of the best moments I have had with Jacob where I felt so connected with him.

Everything was perfect, except for the water that smelled like eggs, haha! I don't really hate hate it, but let's say I didn't trust that water to brush my teeth. The problem was, i researched, hydrogen sulfide, which is kinda the gas that gets produced when animals and plants die and decay. Apparently it can be caused by several factors, according to this website:
  • If the smell is only from the hot water tap, the source is most likely your water heater.
  • If the smell is from both hot and cold taps, but only from water treated by a water softener, you may have sulfur-reducing bacteria in your water softener.
  • If the smell is from both taps and diminishes after the water runs, you may have sulfur-reducing bacteria in your well or piping.
  • If the smell is from both taps and is persistent, you may have hydrogen sulfide gas in your groundwater
It is good to know this. So what people do is just to run down bleach or chlorine on the water well and let it sit overnight, buy filters or change to alumminium heater.

Yes, Google is awesome =]


  1. Hey Katie, its ben, too lazy to log in, either way, being a country boy sulfur in the water is a common thing, sometimes people don't even bother dealing with it... my grandpa used to go to a sulfur laced spring (it was soooo deep too, and ice cold water would always be pouring out of it) and drink from it...

    it helps... speed the digestive system along lets just say... not the best thing for you but still

  2. helps with digestive system...thats something new. yeah, i guess that happens a lot on the countryside with water wells and stuff. its something new to me, i dont know how i would live with it always smelling like eggs :p but im just not used to it.
    they even have sulphur springs in like greenland, or something like that.
    thanks for reading my blog, i appreciate it =]

  3. Interesting... I was searching this info for my uncle. He will be happy for such a great info. Thanks for sharing...

  4. No problem! glad i was some help. thanks for reading