Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the world

So it's May 21st, 2011, past 6pm, time when Harold Camping has predicted the rapture. Or Judgment Day. Or the end of the world.

As far as I know, I am still alive. No zombies roaming around. And everything is perfectly just like any other day. Only that a volcano in Iceland started to erupt (you know what? that was basically around midnight or past midnight, so it doesn't count as May 21st.) and today has been sunnier and warmer than any other day of the year.

I spent 6pm on a subway with no one else but other strangers. Wouldn't be a nicest way to die. Of course, my imagination took it to a whole new level starting to think that the subway will blow up or like a giant monster will wiggle it's way through the trains like in Men In Black. Or that the ceiling of the subway tunnel will suddenly collapse. I took a look at every person on my train and thought about the subway getting stuck underground for hours, days, or even months. Started to think who will die first, who am I going to be friends with, who will be the enemy, who will be the leader. Just like in LOST when the plane crashed on the island. Yeah, my imagination is kinda powerful and crazy.

Speaking of which, I'm not very religious, even less of a Christian. But I've been to Catholic school and I started recently to believe again in an omnipresent and omnipotent being called God. Anyways, I have always imagined Judgement Day like this:

It will be like a movie theatre, but with lots of light, white lights. There will be billions of seats (for us humans). In the front there will be Jesus and God, sitting on chairs with a table. They are facing the 'audience'. Behind them, there is a huge big screen (just like theatres but lot larger cuz there are billions of people looking at it). And Judgement Day will commence by starting to roll on screen the entire life of a person, from birth till today. After the endless 'movie' finishes, Jesus and God talk to each other for few minutes, assessing all the things that the person has done in his or her life, and then they decide if they go to hell or to heaven. Then the next person's life will roll on the screen. Then all repeats. So it's basically endlessly watching the lives of every single person that exists on earth and wait until yours is run on screen and God and Jesus decide if you go to heaven or hell. Oh yeah, your whole life will be watched by EVERYBODY else and judged in front of everybody. It's gonna suck for the last person.

And speaking the end of the world, let me show you my fav cartoon animation:

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