Monday, May 2, 2011

WOW! what a week, eh? William and Kate got married at the Royal Wedding, Pope John Paul getting beatified, Osama Bin Laden was announced dead, and today is the Canadian Elections Day. And on a personal side, I have moved to a new apartment in Scarborough. So much going on this week and May has *just* started. Seems like it's gonna be an interesting month (especially because my birthday is the end of this month, of course).

Royal Wedding
Good for William and Kate. What a lucky girl she is. It amazes me that someone, a common person who has lived on a house on sme street in Englad, went to University like a normal person can get so lucky to catch Prince William's eyes. Not only that, but but made him feel like she's the one for him to spend the rest of his life with. What a lucky girl. But of course, everything comes with a price, and for her, her new role as the Duchess of Cambridge, brings a lot of responsibilities. Good luck to the couple! Hope they last a long time together. As a little girl, I always dreamed about marrying Prince William, like every other girl I know. But now that he's all fully grown, and seems like he's becoming bald and looking more like his father, I'm not upset I didn't marry him.

Osama Bin Laden
And Osama Bin Laden has been claimed to be dead. The funniest comments I have seen on Twitter and Facebook were:

- Hussein - √....Bin Laden - √.....Waldo- you are next!!! (which made me think about changing the last bit to 'Carmen Sandiego - pending' instead of Waldo and posted it on FB and Twitter)

-Who would've thought that Osama Bin Laden would turn out to be the world's Hide & Seek Player. Game over biiiicaaaatch!!

- Osama Bin Laden is now dead until Donal Trump sees his death certificate.

Glad he was finally found and killed. Like Obama said "justice has been done", for all the people who died in the 9/11 incident ten years ago. (wholy! ten years already!) I'm sure there is a big party in the US today. At this height, seems like Obama could be re-elected as president.

Canada Elections
Now on to Canadian elections. In one hand, I could care less about it because I can't vote and whoever wins the elections won't do much for immigrants like me. In the other hand, it's an event that shakes the whole country and I wanna be informed about it. Wish I knew about Canadian politics more, so I know what's going on and what kind of leader will make a better Canada. Jacob is a smart man and he's with Liberals, so I'm supporting Liberals too. Apparently Harper doesn't do much for Canada. The fact that he wanted to call Canada a 'Harper Government' kinds shows me that he's a very self-centered person and he could care less about Canadians in general. It's interesting that I did a test online to see which political leader thinks like me, and most of my beliefs (which leans more towards Liberals). Fair enough. If only there was a political party leader that makes it easier for immigrants to find jobs and stay in the country that'd be awesome. Who are YOU going to be voting for today?

The new apartment I have moved to isn't the best. There are several reasons why I don't like it:

1) I don't like the location at all. First, it's so far away from downtown. I have to take buses to go to subway station. I definetly live in like the new Chinatown because there are lots of chinese people around, which makes me feel uncomfortable because I never liked living with so many asians because I'm not used to it (no offense to Chinese people, I am Chinese too, and so are my family). But I find lots of Chinese adults very sloppy, dirty, and don't care about anything. I don't know. They live simple lives and don't bother to make places smell nice, look nice or anything like that. Like they don't decorate houses, maintain a clean living space, and for some reason houses always smell like fish. That's my personal opinion through some observation, and it's very general. Don't mean to offend anybody. That is also kinda stereotypical. Might not be true on some Chinese people.

2) The basement is SUPER COLD too! The floor, when you step on it, it's like freezing! I have to wear socks or slippers at all times. I have my heater set to the highest and I rarely turn it off during the day. I have also turned my oven on and leave the oven door opened so the heat will go to the living room/kitchen.

3) Upstairs is so loud! Because the house is so old, and the floor is made of wood upstairs, I can hear everytime people walk over. The other day, when I first moved in, the people upstairs invited people over and all I could hear was people dragging furniture all over, heavy things falling all the time, and long and loud conversations as if some mafia people were arguing and fighting. Horrible! And happened late evening. I should buy some loud speakers and blast it on at night to some electronica music. Make a discohouse in my room. At 1am.

4) It's so far away from supermarkets and restaurants. Have to take a bus to everywhere. Unlike my other house where I could just walk to campus to use the bank or buy something to eat on campus. Maybe meet some friends on the way. Or if it's nice I could just sit by the fountain while I enjoy my lunch.

Other than that I enjoy a lot having a clean kitchen where I don't have to deal with dirty dishes in the sink that have been sitting there for two weeks, and my own fridge where people won't steal my food.

I know it's kinda odd to fit very different topics in one blog entry, but oh well.


  1. Congrats on finally finding an apartment, but why in Scarborough? I hope you enjoy living there...either that, or would motivate you to work hard and move out!

    Yup, sorry to you4 Jacob, cuz Liberal lost this year, he is still smart for choosing you as his gf ;) Keep it up dear.

  2. thanks for reading! yeah, guess the liberals didnt make it this year. although the NDP did incredibly good this year.
    its in scarborough cuz my uncle found the apartment for me and my sister, and well, he lives in scarborough. kinda far from everything if u ask me.

  3. Hey, at least it's near your uncle. Is there a T & T in Scarborough? Now, you have sister, uncle and bf =)

  4. Yeah, there's a T&T around here, but not that I shop there very often