Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Voice

These past two weeks I've been hooked on this new reality TV show called The Voice, it's kinda like American Idol, but a bit different. If you haven't head of it, it is a singing competition. Carson Daly hosts the show and the 'judges' or 'coaches', how they call it, are Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton (a country singer).

The first two weeks were the 'blind auditions', where the coaches will be sat on chairs turning back to the stage, so that the contestants will be singing to the back of their chairs. When one of coaches hear something they like, they will push a button by the chair and will turn the chair that says 'I want you' at the bottom facing the contestant. Each coach gets to recruit 8 contestants, to train them to become 'The Voice' in the end. If more than one coach push the button, the contestant will decide which coach will be training them.

It is a cool concept that the judges actually judge on the contestants through their voice and not their appearance, like what we see a lot on American Idol. Some people have great voices, but might not be the greatest looking person. While it is true on The Voice that some contestants' appearance might not be the greatest looking person, I feel like almost all contestants have a fair look. The contestants were selected beforehand, based on their singing before they can audition for the show. Now, I am not certain if appearance was a factor that decided who can audition for the show and who cannot. I was hoping to see, maybe, a midget, or someone big, or someone who looks awkward to come on the show, but have a great great voice. Susan Boyle-style, y'know. But no, they are almost all decent looking to very good looking.

I heard one of my fav youtube artists, Brad Doggett auditioned for The Voice, and I go really really excited to see him on TV. Unfortunetly, on the second part of the auditions, there was a time constraint and they didn't show all the contestans singing on stange. I think like in total, counting during the show and previews, I saw Brad for like 2 seconds. Or a second and a half. Just a quick flash of his face. That's it. So, guess unfortunetly Brad didn't pass the auditions =( Which I am very dissapointed, because I think Brad is an amazing singer and music player. He has amazing talent, but it's a shame that none of the coaches could see that. Not counting the fact that there are crazy talent there too!

The blind auditions have passed. Next episode will be, in each team, people will be paired up to sing the same song on the same stage. But one will stay and one will leave. See how's that gonna be.
From team Christina I like: Raquel Castro.
From team Cee Lo I like: Curtis Grimes, Kelsey Rey, Tori & Taylor, and Vicci Martinez.
From team Adam I like: Jeff Jenkins, Javier Colon
From team Blake I like: Patrick Thomas, Xenia, and Elenowen

And in case you were curious about Brad Doggett, here is one of his videos on Youtube:

Check out Brad at 6:06

Yeah there he is, so cuuute!


  1. you are blinded by cuteness. he cant sing. the show didnt let him on tv because they want viewers to keep watching the show. I heard he doesnt shower and smells bad. . stinks like an old dirty urinal. hopefully from now on he wont clutter internet space with his silly videos...

  2. how comes you say that like you are right? hope the internet space doesnt get cluttered with silly comments like urs. dont be a hater.

  3. what an idiot. he/she's (i guess i say 'it' to the anonymous person) is just jealous that brad has such a great talent and sad that it got none of that.