Friday, September 16, 2011

RIP Aunt Connie

What a week! I have been sooo so busy these past few days. I just started my job in a retail store and they have been working me really hard. I have been getting up very early and work for ridiculous amount of hours. And when I finally get home, I totally crash on my bed. That's why I haven't been able to write on my blog.

But today (thank goodness!!) I have my day off. Also, today I received some sad news. My aunt Connie passed away this afternoon.

She was diagnosed with cancer about almost two years ago. I remember when she started to feel sick and we didn't know what it was. All we knew was that she coughed a lot. It wasn't until later that they diagnosed her with lung cancer and that the cancer was spreading to other parts of her body. That was a few days after me, my sister, my cousin, my little cousin, my aunt, my uncle went to visit my uncle's relatives/friends in Hamilton to celebrate my aunt's birthday. I can see she had a really good time with friends and family. We all even went to a restaurant to have lunch together. But after that, my aunt has been battling with cancer until today.

It wasn't always that bad. She went through a long period of time being fine. After going to so many chemotherapy sessions, she felt strong and her hair started to grow again. It wasn't until about a month ago she felt sick again and had frequent visits to the hospital. But supposedly she was going to be sent home yesterday because she was doing fine. And all of a sudden, they found her unconscious at the hospital because she couldn't breath.

My aunt and I weren't very close, especially after my first year at university. I used to like her when I was younger, because everytime she came to Costa Rica from Canada, she would bring me and my sister candies. And then she stopped bringing us anything. On my first year at university, before starting, her and my uncle helped me a lot to prepare myself for my first day. They took me around to open a bank account, get a cellphone, buy stuff for school, etc, etc. It was nice. And then, I got too busy at school and my aunt got mad at me because I never called her. Only when I needed something. And also because my dad wasn't here anymore, distance was created between me and my aunt and uncle.

About 2 years ago, after she was diagnosed with cancer and had to stay at the hospital, I was supportive. I spent some nights there taking care and be there for her. She was very grateful, and gained some more respect towards me.

Me and my sister visited her a few weeks ago, when she was at the hospital. I remember her giving me advices about looking for jobs. To keep going, trying new ways to find job, get connections... and probably the last thing I said to her was to take care. That was the last time I talked to her and saw her. If only I wished that'd be the last time I would see her. Wish I had told her some last words. Thank her for the things she has done for me.

Cancer is vicious. There have been sooo many people who have died from cancer. Cancer doesn't discriminate; race, age, gender, sexuality, social class.... There have been lots of sad stories about people who have lost their families and friends to cancer, and they are all heart-breaking. My mom's dad (my grandfather) died from lung cancer. My aunt just died from lung cancer too. My best friend's mom in CR died from breast cancer. A high school friend was diagnosed with leukemia years ago. Another friend's dad died from cancer. Jack Layton died from cancer recently.

Cancer is something so terrible that I don't wish that on anybody. It is horrible doing through all the chemo, hospital visits, the feeling of being sick....that's just not life. It affects the person who gets it, and it affects the people around that person. And it's not like a short suffering, it is a prolonged suffering that could go for years. It's just unfair that people actually die from cells multiplying inside the body. I do really wish that they find a cure for cancer very soon that will be available for everybody. I wish that my future children will never have to know what cancer is.

Speaking of cancer, there is an organization that I have been supporting all these years, Skate4Cancer. It was initiated by Canadian Rob Dyer, who has lost friends and family to cancer. His idea is that "Knowledge is Cure". They promote cancer awareness and cancer prevention. He has skated across Canada, USA, Australia, and France. He is a very strong and inspirational man. When he first started, no one believed in him and had very little support. He even got injured on his knee and the doctors said he will never skate again. But persistance and dreams kept him going. Now him and this organization is growing fast and strong. I met him duting a Plain White T's concert. I've got to talk to him and he is sooo nice and down to earth guy. Check Skate4Cancer at Dream.Love.Cure or follow him on Twitter

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